10 Reasons That Make India An Intolerant Country

India is well known for its extremists Indians, killing people just because they follow other religions. It’s a common practice to kill Muslims especially. Why do they do that when apparently they are making progress in every field? What makes India an intolerant country? Are the minorities really safe there? Let’s see in detail and find out!

10 Reasons That Make India An Intolerant Country

10. India is world’s first self-declared terrorist state: Ex-Ambassador

According to Pakistan’s former representative in the UN, Ambassador (r) Masood Khan has started that “India has become the first self-declared terrorist state of the world, with its present defense minister publicly outlining the strategy of waging proxy wars in Pakistan as a state policy; a matter that Pakistan has taken up at the UN’s Security Council.”

9. Mass Killing of Muslims and other Minorities in India.

Indian hatred against Muslims is not hidden from the world. These incidents occur usually in Muslim majority areas like Gujarat and Ahmadabad. One such incident occurred in Gujarat in 2002, also named 2002 Gujarat violence and the Gujarat pogrom, was a three-day period of inter-communal violence in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Following the initial incident there were further outbreaks of violence in Ahmedabad for three weeks; statewide, there were further outbreaks of mass killings against the minority Muslim population for three months. An estimate of over 2000 Muslims were killed in that Massacre.

8. Are Tourists Safe?

In a second disturbing incident of tourist torture, an Austrian couple was allegedly harassed by an unruly mob in the Indian city of Assam.


7. Indian Extremists’ influence on Sports

Due to extremist thinking of current Indian Government, they are not letting the possible Cricket series between Pakistan and India take place. Why are games affected? It’s a government issue, they should keep it to that. Indian extremists are not letting the Cricket series between India and Pakistan take place only because they are from Pakistan and Muslims. This is what was said on the issue!

“We have taken a stand not to allow any Pakistani actor, cricketer or performer to step on Maharashtra soil,” Emirates 24/7 quoted Akshay Bardapurkar, a top Shiv Sena leader as saying.

Why such racism? Why can’t anyone see Indians being so racist?

6. Indian Government helpless in front of Indian Extremists

Seems like Indian Government is helpless when it comes to Indian Extremists, according to resources. Many different Muslim influences like Actors etc. are being treated bad only because of the religious difference. Government is quiet. Like in recent act, Indian activists attached Kasuri’s Book Launch organizer and covered him in black ink! Why? Only because he was helping a Muslim.


5. Religious intolerance

Every human being is entitled to their freedom of religion practice. All the countries allow its minorities to practice their religions in safe environment.. EXCEPT India! Specially if you are Muslim. Muslims are murdered brutally in India only because they try to practice their religion. Like recently, many Muslims were killed by Indian extremists backed by Indian government only because they sacrificed a cow. Sacrificing a cow is completely allowed in their religion. Like in Pakistan, all the Hindus are allowed to practice their religion as they seem fit, why it is not the case in India?

As reported my New York Time:

More than 80 percent of Indians are Hindus, but Muslims, Christians and Sikhs form important religious minorities with centuries of history in India. Religious pluralism and freedom are protected by India’s Constitution. The issue of religious conversion is contentious in India. Many Dalits, known formerly as untouchables, and other low-caste Hindus and Tribals admit they convert to Islam or Christianity primarily to escape crushing caste prejudice and oppression. The main architect of the Constitution, Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, born a Dalit, famously converted to Buddhism to escape caste-oppression under Hinduism.

it’s not just the case with Muslims, Christians face the same problems from time to time:

Christian representatives have accused India’s nationalist government of not doing enough to tackle religious violence, after a church in the popular tourist city of Agra became the latest target in a series of violent attacks blamed on Hindu extremists.

4. India’s War Craze and continuous Unprovoked Firing on Pakistani LoC.

Several reports show how India is continuously Firing on Pakistani Line Of Control without any reason, targeting innocent people. India has gone war crazy.

India has been continuously violating the ceasefire agreement on the LoC and the Sialkot Working Boundary that divides the disputed regions.

3. Indian Prime Minister on the Hit list of Indian Media

Indian Media itself is hitting on Prime Minister Modi for being a racist against Muslims and being included int he mass murder of Muslims back in 1993. See for yourself!

2.  Indians Lack Sportsmanship:

Indian crowd doesn’t really know the meaning of “Sportsmanship”. Whenever India is about to lose any game related to any sports, they get violent and start throwing rubbish in the play grounds, start cussing their players and burn the puppets etc. which shows how intolerant Indians are!

10 Reasons That Make India An Intolerant Country

Here is what Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh had to say about Indian fans:

“They (the fans) were constantly breathing down our necks, I would say,” said Yuvraj. “It becomes hard to take that kind of nagging stuff all the time.”

  1. Because Indians said so!


According to Washington Post, a survey conducted by two Swedish Economists show the most tolerant and least tolerant countries.

According to the survey more than 43.5 percent of respondents in India said they would not want a neighbor of a different race. Where as, only 6.5 percent of Pakistanis objected to a neighbor of a different race. This would appear to suggest Pakistanis are more racially tolerant than even the Germans or the Dutch.

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