Top 10 iOS Games That You Should Be Playing Right Now – 2015

I know, 2015 isn’t over yet. But no harm in listing the top 10 iPhone games as of October, 2015 because i am sure lots out there want to know the current top 10 iPhone games.

Please note: The rankings are based on daily generated Revenue (in U.S.D) of each game as started by So, let’s begin!

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Top 10 iPhone Games – 2015

10. Double Down Casino


Daily revenue is U.S.D: $109,135.

9. MARVEL Contest Of Champions

Top 10 iPhone games - 2015

Daily revenue is U.S.D: $122,439.

8. Slotomania


Daily revenue is U.S.D: $141,587.

7. MADDEN NFL Mobile


Daily revenue is U.S.D: $166,425.

6. Big Fish Casino


Daily revenue is U.S.D: $198,508.

5. Boom Beach

Boom-Beach (1)

Daily revenue is U.S.D: $235,625.

4. Candy Crush Soda Saga


Daily revenue is U.S.D: $327,409.

3. Candy Crush Saga

top 10 iphone games

Daily revenue is U.S.D: $783,939.

2. Clash Of Clans


Daily revenue is U.S.D: $1,004,840.

1. Game Of War – Fire Age


Daily revenue is U.S.D: $1,386,580.


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