Top 10 Things You Should Be Doing This Halloween!

TRICK OR TREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT – oh wait! that’s right, you are officially too old to go trick or treating. *Makes sad face*. Well, that’s a bummer. Never mind that, since you can’t go out Trick or treating, it doesn’t mean you can’t go out and party in totally weird and spooky costumes! We have compiled a list of Top 10 Things You Should Be Doing This Halloween! *Makes happy face* Yay!

Top 10 Things You Should Be Doing This Halloween!

10. Wear Your Costumes!


Nothing new, i know! But how about designing your own costume the way you want. Nothing scarier than wearing something you designed yourself! (Pun totally intended)! 😛

9. Scream And Howl!

What? No, it’s not crazy. It’s Halloween after all! scream and howl on the roads while you walk in a real spooky way! Good thing is, no one will stop you! You will probably end up scaring a few people thinking Zombie Apocalypse has arisen!

8. Have Horror Movie Marathon


Do you think partying out in haunted places in boring? HAVE A HORROR MOVIE MARATHON!! Oh yeah! Find some of your friends, grab some real horror movies suitable for Halloween, Turn your lights off, raise the volume as loud as possible and watch them BACK TO BACK! ooOOoo.. SCARY!

7. Trick The Kids!


Yeah, nothing more awesome than tricking the little kids! So here is what i would do; I would wear robes and hold some wooden sticks in hands and tell kids you are very sorry but they couldn’t make it to Hogwarts this year! HA! That’ll teach um! Hey, you can be original and find some thing else to trick them with! (Wink Wink)

6. Visit a Psychic


That’s right! Visit a Psychic. Since they say that spirits are most active on Halloween. So why not get in touch with any of your late relatives or get bold and call for some unknown ex murderer!

5. Don’t forget to scare the People


Where is the fun in spending the Halloween without scaring anyone? Here is an idea; Dress an a real scary Grim Reaper and stand in the middle of the road. Don’t forget to point at random people at random times. Just point , don’t walk or anything. See how they react! 😉

4. Follow Ghost Busters!


Adventurous or what?! Team up with some local Ghost Busters and go bust some Ghosts! Visit spooky places and see how it feels to actually feel the presence of REAL ghosts and spirits. Do i hear a chicken? 😛

3. Do You Like Theme Parties?

Decorations for a Halloween Party

If you are big on parties, i suggest you head out in your spooky costumes and visit some theme parties going on in your local areas. They usually have a very spooky setting, some spookier music and free Drinks! Don’t wait, HEAD OUT!

2. Visit Haunted Places


Do you think you are very strong? Internally as well as physically? Why not wear spooky costumes and head out to the Haunted Places and party there? No? Then i suggest you head out to the Haunted Places specially designed for Halloween. Go out, scare people, get scared and enjoy drinks as you do (Yes, i said DRINKS!).

1. Visit The Graveyard!


Are you brave enough? Then go to the Graveyard and spend the night there. Alone is not fun so take some brave friends with you! Sit there and tale some scary stories. Keep your ears and eyes open. If you see or hear something. IT’S REAL! RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!

Only a few ideas here. Do you have something wicked in mind! Do share with us in comments section below!

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