10 things only travellers in the 90s would understand

1. Actually knowing how to read a map (because they were made out of paper. Paper was this thin material derived from wood pulp on which you could record written information).

2. Paying for everything with traveller’s cheques and cash (because Paypass wasn’t a thing).

3. Carrying all your music on a Discman and giant CD wallet (and looking fierce at the same time).

4. Taking your photos on film, then having them wiped by nuclear-powered airport scanners.

5. Calling home on a phone card, punching in 57 carefully sequenced numbers, only to be told, “Your call cannot be connected. That will be $17. Thank you”…in Russian.

6. Sitting for 20 minutes in a hostel lobby waiting for the dial up to connect. Then typing extra softly in case you spooked the modem and made it drop out.

7. Taking photos of things other than your face, legs and breakfast (because film was a precious resource).

8. Touching base with your family once every month via six lines on the back of a postcard.

9. Struggling to come up with six lines on the back of a postcard.

10. Having to plan your trip on recommendations, hunches, the lunar calendar and Lonely Planet guides, because TripAdvisor hadn’t been invented yet.